Healthcare experts continue to acknowledge the impact and success that art has had in the emotional recovery of not only adults, but also children.


napier wme amp 2016 2 Youngsters usually aren’t as capable or comfortable expressing themselves through words, and painting is less threatening.

Your Heart on Art offers workshops specially aimed at children, inspiring them to communicate creatively in a safe, welcoming space.

Art has been reported to noticeably reduce anxiety and decrease pain perception in children.

Children can’t always find adequate words to explain themselves and become frustrated when they’re not understood. It’s easier for them to discuss a painting that reflects their fear or anger about a cancer diagnosis, for example, or other traumatizing event.

Research confirms that the arts are crucial to the healing of abused children, helping them deal with painful memories and thoughts.

 Art allows children to build trust with adults.

Artistic expression helps children resolve inner-conflicts, manage behavior and handle life’s curve balls more positively.