We keep trying to get our workshops up and running and when we do…BAM … Omicron arrives.  So for now we are still not holding in studio workshops.  Our CEO, Eileen Wallach will however work with your organization/ family/ or self to offer on site workshops that follow the guidelines of safety during this time.  Masking, enough space for people to sit 6 feet apart while creating, no sharing supplies, and  valid proof that your are FULLY vaccinated that includes your booster shot or a negative test result 24 hours prior to the class you are attending.

1. We were featured in the Belle Meade Living Magazine in the month of November.
2. We received our Gold seal of approval from GuideStar.
3. We volunteered and held 4 art workshops at Abe’s Garden Community
4. We created 7000 “Hope Kits” for the TSPN Mid- Cumberland region which were given out our numerous college events
5. We attended a the AFSP Out of the Darkness walk and created a “Hope Note Tree” for the participants to add their words of HOPE too.
6. We created a Hope Note tree for Volunteer Behavioral Health in Cookville,TN  which is an open art instillation that clients add to everyday.
7. We provided 11 private workshops for families who lost a loved one to suicide.

Please check back often in 2022 to see what workshops are being offered or reach out to us at any time  on how we can help you hold a workshop customized to meet your needs.