Opening Minds through Art (OMA)

Therapeutic art for adults and seniors with cognitive issues.


Opening Minds through Art (OMA) is an award winning, evidence-based, intregenerational art making program for people with dementia. Developed in 2007 at Miami University’s Scripps Gerontology Center in Oxford, Ohio the program is grounded in person-centered care principles.

The OMA art-making process involves carefully structured steps aimed at maximizing the possibility of creative expression. Participants are provided with manageable choices and failure-free activities that allow them to become active agents in their own creative process.

The research shows that OMA helps to change how others view, interact with, and care for people with dementia. We strive to:

  • Promote the social engagement, autonomy, and dignity of people with dementia by providing creative self-expression opportunities.
  • Provide opportunities to build close relationships with people with dementia.
  • Show the public the creative self-expression capacities of people with dementia through exhibitions of their artwork.

The one-to-one ration during art-making sessions builds the confidence and promotes the growth of close relationships between people with dementia and their partner.

Right now YHOA is offering OMA as a one-on-one individualized program to any person or persons who has a loved one with dementia living at home or in an assisted living facility who would like to experience the OMA program for themselves. Just reach out to us and we’ll customize it for you!

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