2022 Suicide Awareness Traveling Art Project


2022 Suicide Awareness
Traveling Art Project


For the last 8 years Your Heart On Art and Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN) our Presenting Sponsor has created a traveling art project that helps survivors of suicide loss and lived experience, families, friends and those touched by this tragic event tell their stories through the language of art. It is our way of helping to stop the stigma associated with suicide and to educate others on suicide awareness and to be a voice for those who have lost theirs.

           This years theme is based  on ones “journey”

Once our life was “whole” and then
we lost someone and we became “broken”
But we are “rebuilding”.

            Using a terracotta pot participants will talk about how the pot looks and feels. We will then shatter the pot just like life after a traumatic loss. But all those pieces can be used to rebuild – never to be the same as it once was but something beautiful and new.

Dates for FREE Workshops

Workshops are limited to 8 people

Registration is required and online

*You may only register for one workshop*

Saturday -June 4, 2022 — 11am-2pm
(In Memory of Tyler Medley)

Saturday -June 18, 2022 — 2-5pm
(Sponsored by TSPN)

Thursday -June 30,2022 — 6-9pm
(Sponsored by AFSP)

Sunday -July 10,2022 — 1-4pm

Saturday – July 16,2022 — 2-5pm

Saturday – July 23, 2022 — 2-5pm


YHOA provides a serene country space for all suicide survivors of loss and lived experience to come and express themselves through the language of art and creativity. Producing a collaborative art project is not only beneficial to the survivors themselves, but also sends a powerful message to the community when it is displayed in exhibitions and publications.  Art plays a vital role in raising awareness and breaking the silence and shame surrounding suicide.  For more information call 615-456-3777 or email us at [email protected]