What We Do

We facilitate therapeutic art workshops that promote profound healing for people of all ages.

Art is a powerful tool for change. Your Heart on Art‘s innovative workshops incorporate art’s compelling benefits to transform people’s lives. In a safe, criticism-free environment, participants look within themselves and discover how to articulate emotions and events using paint and colors. Creative expression can alter a person’s outlook and the way he or she functions in the world. It also increases self-awareness, coping skills and the confidence to work through uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

Using different methods, including Art4Healing, OMA (Opening Minds through Art) and trauma informed art techniques participants process unresolved feelings with visual imagery instead of words, which often prove difficult to find. This unique alternative to traditional talk therapy inspires the letting go of painful emotions, so wounded hearts can heal.

The methods used in Your Heart on Art‘s courses, features structured art exercises designed to trigger the release of repressed feelings and memories. Painting is used as a catalyst to identify what’s troubling us and initiate emotional healing; even so, this approach is not conventional art therapy. Participants are welcome to share their work, but only if they want; no one analyzes or discusses it. No pressure, just paint.

Did you know…?

  • We think and process experiences and feelings as images first, then thoughts; therefore, imagery, rather than words, is the most direct route to figuring out what’s bothering us.
  • Art expression works both sides of the brain.
  • The colors we attach to emotions while painting expose meaningful insight that helps us resolve underlying conflict.
  • People who are “problem-free” attend Your Heart on Art workshops simply for the opportunity to gain greater self-awareness.